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Our History

In March 2003, the first Persian Society at the University of Manchester was founded by 3 undergraduate engineering students, Amir Keshmiri, Ali Pedram and Mehdi Yasini (pictured below). The first event was organised to celebrate the Persian New Year in March 2003 in Barnes Wallis Building (which used to host the Student Union). Starting with only 20 members, the society grew significantly in subsequent years and now represents one of the largest Persian societies in Europe. Amongst the founders, Amir Keshmiri is the only one still living in Manchester and currently acts as the Chairman of the Trustee Board, providing advice and support to the UMPS Management Board. Ali Pedram and Mehdi Yasini reside in London and Dubai, respectively.

Since 2003, the UMPS has successfully organised over 400 events including parties, lectures, concerts, seminars, workshops, poetry/movie nights, walks, sports competitions and several more. 

Persian Society, Manchester University
Persian Society, Manchester University
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